Education with entertainment is what LaMar's programs are based upon. From the opening moments, he engages his audiences with songs, chants and phrases that motivate the mind, gets the audience involved, and sets the tempo for a presentation not to be forgotten. LaMar makes it a point to learn about your school, group or organization, which enables him to personalize “A Positive Message For Life”, for you.


Program Titles And Descriptions

LaMar can tailor his presentations to fit your schedule. We've listed a general time frame of LaMar's presentations.

Elementary School (35-40min)
Middle/Jr. High School (45-55min)
Senior High School (45-55min)

Program Topics

Music While You Munch... LaMar In Concert At Your School Lunch

Students love music. Students love food. So…Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have LaMar visit your school and perform songs from his latest internationally acknowledged CD “I Am Who I Am”, during one or all of your lunches? Feel free to visit our “Products” page to hear all songs on the album. Remember…Students love music. Students love food. So...Give them music while they munch and have LaMar in concert at their lunch.

“Don’t Be A Knuckle Head, Don’t Be A Bully”

Bullying is an issue that has become a serious problem for students, both in and out of school. Far too often the results have been tragic. In this presentation, LaMar shares how he made the transition from childhood bully, to advocate of those being bullied. He also encourages the students to truly understand the emotional damage that bullying can cause.

“Drug Free For Life”

The rate at which youth are getting involved or at least experimenting with drugs and alcohol is alarming. This powerful presentation provides some serious food for thought on the issue of substance abuse. The fact that LaMar has witnessed alcohol and substance abuse destroy the lives of dear friends, as well as his own family members, serves as one of the biggest influences on him making the childhood pledge to be “Drug Free For Life”.

“A Leader For Life” (Great for leadership conferences and assemblies)

This program was inspired by ASB/Leadership Members in Jr. high, middle, and high school. It commends them on welcoming the challenges and responsibilities of being a leader. It also encourages all students to tap into the leadership skills that we all possess.

“A Mess Or A Success”

This program challenges students to think about the choices they make in life. It encourages them to become a success by making the right choices, and to not become a mess by making the wrong choices. Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned from the choices we make.

“Fund Raising Program”

LaMar utilizes his latest CD, "I Am Who I Am" as a fundraising program for your school or group. Feel free to contact us for details.

“Power, Respect & Pride”

LaMar created this program to serve as a confidence builder to the students. He speaks of the power we all possess in making good and healthy choices. He speaks of the importance of having respect for self, as well as respecting others. He also encourages the students to take pride in themselves and the lives they lead.

“Suffering To Be Accepted”

Insecurities and complex issues are prevalent among students in jr. high, middle and high school. They are often brought on by a students social status or how a student is treated by others. Being accepted by “The In Crowd” is important to many students, and sadly they will often go to some extreme extents in order to make that happen. In this presentation, LaMar shares how his struggle was not about being accepted by others as a teen in high school, but being accepted by himself, and how he found himself in an all out battle with anorexia.

“Let’s Lose The Violence”

Somehow, violence has established itself as a part of our culture. Whether it be in the media, music, video games, or some other fashion, chances are we all witness some form of violence on a daily basis. In this presentation, LaMar shares the role violence played in his life, from childhood to his teenage years. The moment that LaMar decided he would break the cycle of violence in his life, was when he witnessed his older brother nearly killed by his father in a domestic violence dispute.

"Wow- all i have to say is thank you so much! you really changed the view i have on drugs now. . you are truly amazing. . "

Student/Edgemont Jr. High