Here is what people are saying about LaMar.

Hunt Middle School

Dear Mr. Lamar Hudson, "I really love the fact that you go around to different schools and tell us teens about the things that are going on in the real world. Because there was a time in my life when I lost a very special person that was close to my heart. I lost the only brother I had because of drugs. So that's why I wanna thank you for what you're doing and you've helped me realize some things in my life. Thank you for everything."

Lewis County Social Services Staff

Sonia Ferguson
Dear LaMar, "We would like to thank you for presenting at our 2006 Youth Prevention Summit. We appreciate your contribution to our prevention efforts. Your presentation was well received by the youth. You were one of their favorite presenters and they are still talking about you. Thank you for your commitment to prevention and to education of youth. You are definitely a positive role model for all youth."

Mountain View Middle School

Hey, "I don't know if you remember me but you went to Bonney Lake and you spoke to us abut drug prevention. Yeah, that was a really good message to those who might in a bad position right now. I've been really thinking about it, like when you had to let go of your friend. something like that is actually happening to me. It's really hard because it's my sister. She's into drugs & gangs and my word isn't seeming to say anything to her. I love her but I told her I didn't want to know her as a drug user. Well, it's really nice you have a website for teens like me to e-mail you. Thank you. You did a lot in a little bit of time"

Lakeridge Middle School School

Hey!!! "It was a really nice seeing you at Lakeridge! Well here is my advice, never ever give up on this because you can save many lives and I am sure lots of people listened to you! Well I did! because I am DRUG FREE!! But keep it up! And maybe I will be able to see you again! Take care and keep it up!"

Prevention Resource Coordinator/ Puget Sound ESD

Melia LaCour, MSW
Hi Lamar! "I wanted you to know that I have recently reviewed the evaluations from the summit and the feedback regarding your presentation was great! Students really felt moved by your stories and motivational style! Just know that I really appreciated your work with us and would definitely recommend you to other high schools."

Prevention Team Leader/Emerald Ridge High School

Mati Arrizola
"Mr. Hudson left a lasting impression on our students, because of his great enthusiastic performance. The students felt that he genuinely cared about them. We hope to have Mr. Hudson come and perform again next year at our High School."

Toppenish Tribal School

LaMar, "I gained a lot from the presentation you shared with us. I found myself crying and really thinking about some of the choices I have made. You really opened my eyes. I thank you for that. Please keep touching the lives of others as you have mine."

Sumner Jr. High

Dear LaMar, "Your presentation at Sumner Jr. High was so awesome. You left a lasting impression on everybody. I also want you to know that you are soooo funny! I'll remember your words of encouragement forever!!"

Sunnyside High School

"LaMar's presentation at Sunnyside High School was simply brilliant!"

Jostens Scholastic Division

Mike Annis
"LaMar has spoken for me on several occasions at various schools in the Washington State are and has done a find job as a speaker. He shares some of his personal stories of victory from hardship, each story giving insight on how to overcome obstacles and barriers with the simple tools we all have and possess. He shows how to tap into those experiences and overcome."