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Every now and then, LaMar's work captures the attention of the media(which he appreciates very much). So, we'd like to share some of LaMar's moments in the media with ya...Enjoy...


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Newspaper Articles

Puyallup School District - Annual Red Ribbon Week unites students against drugs

By Puyallup School District - CONNECTIONS Volume 13:3
Published on: December 2007

Local musician Lamar Hudson took part in Red Ribbon Week, performing and speaking at Walker High School. In addition to a musical performance, Hudson took time to tell stories of friends and family members whose lives were derailed by drugs and gangs. Hudson urged students to remain in control of their lives and not relinquish that control to drugs. “You have to look at your life as a vehicle and you’re the driver,” he said. If you allow drugs into your life, he added, they’ll soon take over

TacomaWeekly - LaMar Hudson: rapper with a cause

By John Larson from the Tacoma Weekly
Published on: October 25, 2007

    For LaMar Hudson, writing rap songs goes hand in hand with his efforts to reach out to young people. A University Place-based rapper and motivational speaker, Hudson uses rap to convey positive messages about overcoming adversity and making good choices in life. 
    As a ninth grader, Hudson was asked by a teacher to write a rap song with an anti-drug message. He wrote a tune, and a video for it was filmed at school.
    When he graduated from Wilson High School, his class threw a party at Wild Waves that included a rap contest. A woman who served as a chaperone worked for Metropolitan Development Council. She was so impressed with Hudson’s performance she asked him to write a song for the non-profit organization. Word of mouth spread about the song, and soon other organizations were asking Hudson to write songs promoting positive messages.


TacomaWeekly - "I Am Who I Am" CD Review

By Ben Miller from the Tacoma Weekly
Reviewed on: October 4, 2007

    LaMar Hudson is not your average rapper. He doesn’t rhyme about guns, drugs and hoes or let his ego explode all over his album. In fact, rapping isn’t even what he puts most of his time into.
 Hudson is first and foremost a motivational speaker, and his music is just a bonus.
     His album, “I Am Who I Am,” is a chance for him to express his creative side while reaching out to children whom he gives his positive speeches to.
     If good messages and a constructive attitude are what you are looking for, then Hudson is your man. 
     For fans of popular rap, however, he is quite a departure. His album is about as far from Kanye West or 50 Cent as you can find. The music sounds like it is from the 1980’s before rap hit the street and chose violence as the topic of choice.