LaMar has established himself as a song writer of multiple styles of music, as well as being a crafty rap artist. He has written positive message rap and non-rap songs, and starred in videos that were incorporated into educational curriculums for a number of organizations.

LaMar has also written several songs that he often performs in a hand clappin’ & toe tappin’ fashion for his audiences. The song, “It Won’t Be Easy, But It Can Be Done”, is based on encouraging people to work together on eliminating drugs and violence. The song, “A Leader For Life”, is dedicated to those who have established themselves in school and in society as being a leader. It also commends them on welcoming the challenges and responsibilities of being a leader.

If you are interested in LaMar writing a song, poem, or chant for your school, group, or organization, please feel free to call or e-mail for more information.