For over fifteen years, LaMar has shared “A Positive Message For Life” with youth, by way of school assemblies, educational events and conferences. LaMar is a multi-dimensional presenter. He can participate in your event as a motivational speaker, rap artist or emcee.


 “Brilliant” and “Powerful” are some words that have been used to describe LaMar’s presentations. Throughout his personal life and professional career, LaMar has made it a point to utilize his unique abilities to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to find goodness in all that they experience, and to make laughter and happiness a part of their daily routine.

Although LaMar grew up in a family that was plagued with domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and neglect, he refused to let it influence him in a negative way. LaMar was able to convert the misfortune and adversity he faced as a youth, into a series of uplifting and inspiring presentations that have touched the lives of many.

Thank you for visiting my website.
LaMar Hudson

 This program provides education with entertainment and I can assure you that it is
“A Positive Message For Life.”


Music While You Munch…LaMar In Concert At Your Lunch

Students love music. Students love food. So…Wouldn't it be a great idea to have LaMar visit your school and perform songs from his latest internationally acknowledged CD "I Am Who I Am", during one or all of your lunches? Feel free to visit our "Products" page to hear all songs on the album.  Remember…Students love music. Students love food. So...Give them music while they munch and have LaMar in concert at their lunch.

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